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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Dozen Teenage Girls Have Gone Missing In Juarez

On top of the all the drug related violence throughout Mexico's border cities there is a new problem rising up. Two dozen teenage girls and young women have gone missing in the turbulent border city Ciudad Juarez in the last year and a half. Nobody seems to have an answer to this mystery, according to the Chicago Tribune "Monica Alanis, an 18-year-old college freshman, never came home from her exams. That was nearly six months ago. Across town, 17-year-old Brenda Ponce didn't return from a job-hunting trip downtown. That was a year ago." The families of the missing girls do not believe that they would just pack up and leave Mexico without telling anyone. This problem has families with young daughters left scared, "There is no theory. There is no hypothesis," said Ricardo Alanis, Monica's father.

There are many possibilities but no certainties when comes to this situation. The girls could be caught up in the ramped sex trade that has become an international problem; girls are kidnapped, forced into sexual slavery, and forced to use drugs in order to get hooked. That way once they are addicted they can't run away even if they wanted to, it's a vicious cycle. This problem seems to be something new; it does not resemble what happened in the 80's when more than 350 women were killed during a 15-year period. The 350 who were killed back then were from all over the country and their bodies were eventually found, usually with evidence of sexual abuse and even signs of torture.

In this case though, none of the young women have been found which leads people to believe that they are still alive and being used in the sex trade. Some of the families believe that the same cartels responsible for all the violence have stolen their children and brought them into the United States to be used in prostitution rings. That seems like a very plausible scenario for the fact that this kind of activity goes on all over the world with very little out there to stop it. The families continue to search for answers, but, unfortunately most of the time girls caught up in the sex trade are never found or heard from again.

If you follow our blog on a regular basis, you may wonder why we chose to discuss this story today. Our goal is to bring you topical information about addiction and recovery and while today's post may appear to be about kidnapping and prostitution, the bottom line is addiction and drugs more than likely plays a role in controlling these young women. We welcome your thoughts...

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