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Thursday, July 16, 2009

US FDA Determined a Suicide Warning on Anti-Smoking Drugs

anti-smoking drug zyban

On Wednesday smoking cessation manufacturers were required to warn against the mental health dangers, including suicidal thoughts, for two popular anti-smoking drugs. The US FDA determined a suicide warning on anti-smoking drugs is a very important thing for those considering quitting smoking. When attempting to quit any addictive substance there is a lot of stress that can occur. If a person is already stressed out, irritable, and discontent from withdrawals it cannot be good to take a medication that could possibly make them suicidal.

Many people who make the decision to go to drug and alcohol treatment think and can be encouraged to quit all addictive substances, including cigarettes and coffee. Which, naturally, is a very good thing to consider trying to do, as cigarettes and coffee are not good for you; however, if an individual is quitting drugs and alcohol they are mentally unstable in most cases and suicidal tendencies can occur. If prescribed a smoking cessation drug like Chantix or Zyban while already potentially suicidal it can be like throwing fuel on the fire. Furthermore, relapse potential could be exponentially increased by taking a drug that may cause suicidal thoughts while withdrawing from drugs or alcohol.

Quitting smoking is a great thing for every one to consider and smoking cessation drugs could be effective with the task. Anti-smoking drugs should be prescribed when there is no clear and present danger at hand; like quitting heroin or alcohol for example, when a person is under a lot of mental stress. "The risk of serious adverse events while taking these products must be weighed against the significant health benefits of quitting smoking," said Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Although, Woodcock stated that the products "are effective aids in helping people quit". Tell me your thoughts on anti-smoking drugs and whether newly recovering addicts should take these drugs...

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  1. Chantix has shown success rate in cessation of the smoking habit. Many people on chantix have experienced side-effects like nauseous feeling, headaches, unpleasant dreams, lunacy, manic behaviour, bipolarity, delirium or schizophrenia. Also fatal accidents and suicides is informed. So FDA has issued black box warnings on chantix and zyban cautioning that doctors should mitigate the use of the drug by adopting a far observant attitude and supervise the patients.


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