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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Power of Video and Intervention with Drug Treatment

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The Power of Video and Intervention with drug treatment. Helping your loved ones make the choice to go to treatment is never an easy task. There are a number of considerations before one makes the decision that could save his or her life.

There are many drug and alcohol treatment websites that give a very vague idea of what to expect upon entering rehab. Most places might have a few pictures and some text letting you or your loved one know what to look forward to. But, when the client arrives at the particular treatment facility they are some times taken aback by what they find. What they may have expected is far from what they finally observe, which, can be very upsetting for some one who has just started on the road to recovery. When people lay down their guard and rest their weak bodies on the shoulders of professionals they need to feel like they can trust them through and through. If a client is going to be honest (something which the addict has trouble with) with the treatment, the same honesty is expected from that treatment center towards the client.

It is very important for drug and alcohol treatment facilities to give a clear and accurate picture of what a potential client can expect. The beginning of recovery is a very fragile time, it is of the utmost importance that the client feels comfortable and safe in their new place of residence.

Whiteside Manor believes in presenting a clear picture for anyone considering entering their program. On top of accurate text, we felt that it was important to share with you a video which will give you a good idea of exactly what to expect. In doing so, we believe, you will have the greatest chance for success on the road to recovery; which ultimately and sincerely is our primary goal.

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