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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Family Betrayal, No Intervention!

michael jackson

Michael Jackson's family betrayal, no intervention! America seems to be at a loss for words regarding the late Michael Jackson and his supposed drug addiction and reclusive nature. The writing is clearly written on the wall, but no one who is part of his network wants to blow the whistle. Everyone is trying to protect Michael, as if the people who enabled him while he was alive are continuing the behavior after his death. I guess old habits are easier to come by than they are to break! Who and why, what and how?

Last week I wrote a little bit about intervention, and I thought, with all the talk about Michael Jackson (with respect to any one person trying to intervene) it was worth writing about. It seems to me that everyone who was close to Michael is trying to sweep his addiction under the rug. They would like America to believe that they are doing this to protect his good name, but I, like many others believe they are doing this to protect themselves. Perhaps they're afraid they will be cut out Michael's estate? Or, maybe they don't want to catch ridicule from America if the truth gets out?

Whatever their motives may be for lying or being negligent is irrelevant, the evidence never lies. A 50 year old man that is 5'10'' and ways 110 pounds clearly has some issues; furthermore, Michael Jackson had access to America's best doctors. There is no way that the coroner's report won't state that his premature death was caused by anything other than years of drug addiction and a serious eating disorder, which stressed his heart to the brink. I am a firm believer of the old saying, "The Truth Will Set You Free", a saying that I believe many of the people involved in what has now become a scandal (in my opinion) should adopt.

Everyone lost something special the day Michael Jackson died, let's be serious, Michael Jackson was as American as Apple Pie. We should let Michael Jackson's death be something we all can learn from, in order to help prevent more tragedies like this. Bonnie Hunt said some very interesting things that I feel are pertinent to quote,"... I'm not judging, but I am wondering... I don't hear any reports of attempts by any of these knowing friends of their having tried an intervention, not only because of Michael's need for it (he would only be sober if he made a choice to do so for himself), but I'm talking about the needs of his children. Why wouldn't anyone, any single person, friend or employee, or doctor -- someone -- at least consider the fact that the children were reclusively in the care of a drug-addicted person?" I feel the same way that Bonnie Hunt does, and like her, I feel that if no one asks these questions than Michael's death will be in vain.

Tonight as you watch the news coverage of Michael Jackson's memorial service, take time to spend with your family. Is there someone who needs an intervention, before it is too late? "The truth will set them free and might help others as well. Acknowledging his addiction does not erase his enormous creative contribution. He was one of the most talented creative artists of our generation. That is solid. Now the truth about how he suffered such an early death can add to his legacy in an educational way, not in a negative way." -Bonnie Hunt-


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. From the start, i have been asking the question: Where were his family members and why did they not intervene. Yes, the attending physician was negligent in his duties, he knew better than to administer those drugs which ultimately resulted in Michael Jackson's death. But you point out his appearance and weight, two things which should have sent an alarm to his family that there was a problem. To completely place the blame on the doctor is to completely deny or take ownership in one's responsibility to do something, to intervene. Perhaps he would have been angered by family intervention and maybe cut them out of the fortune, but time could have most likely healed those personal wounds. He might have felt he was betrayed by his family, but he would be healthier and ALIVE.

  2. Actually, Michael's autopsy report confirmed he wasn't a drug addict.


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