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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mexico's Drug War is Worsening

mexico drug war

The Mexican government is sending out 45,000 troop to conflict areas throughout the country, more troops than the United States has in Afghanistan, as a result of the 11,000 dead in just under three years. Mexico's drug war is worsening and it does not seem like much can be done to curb the cartels and their bloody war over smuggling routes and government control according to the San Francisco Chronicle, "attacking offices, killing investigators, and threatening citizens who speak out".

The hot spots where most of, but not all, the action is taking place are in border cities where the drugs come one way and American guns and money go back the other way. In the U.S. guns are sold to private citizens that are often more high-powered than most government officials have throughout Mexico. Again, according to the San Francisco Chronicle: "This month, Mexican President Felipe Calderon ordered more soldiers into Ciudad Juarez, a major border town and drug entry point opposite El Paso, to quell the violence. Closer to Mexico City, he faces trouble from an upstart gang in his native state of Michoacan, where the bodies of 12 federal agents were dumped on a back road, all of them tortured and shot in the head. In response, he sent 5,500 troops to the region".

The cartels are certainly a major factor in this war, but, Americas never ending thirst for drugs is the driving force. This is a war over money, and not just any money - American money. The cartels in Mexico control all the drugs coming out of South and Central-America and it appears that Mexico has become the new Columbia. Back in March, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton stated our nation's responsibility. The violence is caused by "our insatiable demand for illegal drugs."

Next month, President Obama is due at a North American summit in Guadalajara, Mexico. Obama needs to make this war one of his top priorities otherwise it will only get worse. Better attempts at drug education here in America need to take place because as long as we demand the drugs Mexico will continue to fight to supply them. Furthermore, better gun policies need to be enacted; Mexicans killing with our guns makes us partly liable. Mexican drugs are the gasoline that fuel America's engine of addiction.

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