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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jackson's Family Attempted Drug Interventions

Michael Jackson interventions

Sources say that Jackson's family attempted drug interventions over the last four years. We are being told that on at least two separate occasions interventions were attempted by Michael Jackson's friends and family, but every time Jackson would go ballistic and refuse to get help. According to an ABC news report of July 10, 2009: "Police have confirmed a laundry list of drugs were found inside the Los Angeles rental home where Jackson died June 25, revealing to the public what his family has known for years -- Michael Jackson was a drug addict."

ABC News reports that "The Web site TMZ is reporting that the 2003 police raid on Jackson's home, Neverland Ranch, revealed painkillers, sedatives, vials and syringes." So it is pretty clear, despite having the coroner's report yet, what was going on with Jackson. Ultimately, Jackson's death was directly related to his serious addiction to pain medicine and sedatives. There was nothing that anybody could do about his problem, he had to be the one who wanted help with his substance abuse problem. It has been reported that virtually everybody who tried to get in between Jackson and his drugs was "pushed away" or simply fired.

In 1993 Jackson said that he would be entering treatment to deal with his addiction to pain killers that he had become dependent on after sustaining burns to his scalp which he had extensive surgery on. Jackson's doctors have cooperated by releasing the performer's medical records, according to the Los Angeles coroner's office; this should help them determine the cause of death and whether or not there was any contributory negligence.

It may be many more weeks before we know the whole story of Michael Jackson's death; however, you may want to watch this ABC news report and an interview with an interventionist to learn more about the disease of addiction.

My hope is that Jackson's untimely death will strike a chord with people all over the world about the dangers of prescription medications. Maybe this will cause people to want to seek out help for their own addictions. The help is always available when one is ready to accept that they have a problem and can't beat it on their own. If you have a problem or you know someone that does please contact us at Whiteside Manor.

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