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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Battle Continues over the "Marijuana Question" in California

Battle Marijuana Question California Legalization

The battle continues over the "Marijuana Question" in California, which will decide whether legalization will do more harm than good. Next year's election in California will be centered on whether a 14 billion dollar a year black market drug will be legalized. Ballot measures are already being put forward by different groups as well as a bill by Assembly Member Tom Ammiano, a San Francisco Democrat, that would legalize and tax the drug. In the coming months there will be a heated battle between the "right" and "left"; there is a good chance that the Mexican cartels will not stay out of the fight for the fact that they have a lot to lose if marijuana is legalized.

Federal drug czar Gil Kerlikowske, who is against legalization, said a few weeks ago, "We will wait for evidence on whether smoked marijuana has any medicinal benefits - those aren't in." Just last week in Fresno Kerlikowske made the statement that, "Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit." It would seem that the drug czar has more of a complaint regarding the method in which marijuana is used, rather than whether it is used at all. This brings up an important point, how marijuana in used makes a big difference with regard to heath risks; anything foreign that human beings inhale will have negative side effects. I do not think it is possible for the state to regulate the manner it which weed is used!

Medical marijuana started about ten years ago in California for people with disorders and sicknesses, now, pot-activists want it to be legal for everyone in the state. All of this is starting to look like a recipe for disaster; if marijuana is legalized for adults over the age of twenty one what will be in place to stop children from getting the drug? It will be easy to get for children and teenagers, which without a doubt will ultimately lead to a rise in drug addiction state-wide. It does not seem like this problem can be helped, if 14 billion is being made under the government's nose already, it's pretty clear that once they legalize it they won't be able to control it. Sure some extra money might be made in taxes which obviously wouldn't hurt, but, it seems that everything is moving too quickly for this plan to be put into practice effectively. The country is in need of revenue and this has led to a number of poorly thought out plans to make that happen. I am looking forward to seeing which way this battle goes and I am curious about your thoughts regarding the subject.


  1. I keep reading about if they legalize it then the kids will be able to get it but where i live more kids are selling it than adults. Kids are going to get it whether its legal or not. A dealer on the street doesn't care how old you are if you have money.

  2. Thank you for your observation. This is one more side of the discussion that most likely will take place as California goes through this process.

  3. seems to work in amsterdam


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